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When Kiarah & Nick first contacted me I was freaking out!! You see, they are younger than my first child!! And while I had no hang ups about them getting married, I was having a huge reality shake up and feeling kind of old!!

My kids are old enough to get married…… (insert shocked face here!)

So while I professionally gained my composure and spoke with these two lovebirds, they mentioned they had been following me for a while and were originally going to elope at the lovely Kestrel Nest Eco-hut (who I am affiliated with). But as time went on they felt happier including their families and then new plans blossomed.

We talked excitedly about their new wedding plans and the date was booked!

Fast forward to Thursday 26th May 2022 and I arrived VERY EARLY at 7.45am, to where Kiarah was getting ready. With a cute pink retro caravan out the front, that was the mobile hairdresser, I wandered in and announced my arrival “there’s a Celebrant in the house!!” lol.

In between the photographer taking a few “getting ready” photos, I grabbed Kiarah’s signature on the DONLIM (Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage) and said hello to everyone & Mum “Susie” and left the house. It was kind of hectic with almost 30 people there, so it was time for the Celebrant to leave the house!

Driving along a dirt road out the back of Ganmain, I could see some white chairs and an Arbor set up in the paddock, so I knew I was on the right road. Thankfully the paddock had green grass and no mud, and being early about 8am it was still a bit fresh for an Autumn morning.

I met the friendly caterers who had created a sumptuous Brunch for everyone, the barista who was making coffees from his mobile coffee caravan -(there must be a thing about caravans out here??) and the beautiful family friends who were finalising the details.

Then this tall and handsome young man arrived with a group of young handsome men following him - yes it was Nick and his mates all ready for the ceremony. A quick signature from Nick too and this meant we were on like Donkey Kong!

We were ready for a Wedding!!


Now it was 9am and being in an open paddock, we could see the bridal cars arrive from a distance and for poor Nick this seemed like an eternity.

Maybe the special cars were trying not to get too dirty on the red dirt road?? I didn't notice the dirt on them but I did notice how cool they were…. a rumble from the classic Ford Falcon (sorry I don’t know the specific badge)

And a classic Ford Mustang! I don’t know how but everyone fit in both these cars and this was another retro element added to their wedding day. I also got the impression that someone likes FORDS?!?!

There was a bit of a serious/ nervous type of mood settling in with the realisation of what was about to happen but that was short lived because soon we were all in fits of laughter as we watched the cool flower guys make an entrance and dance down the aisle, to “Yeah!” By Usher, tossing petals from their bum bags!

They were so good we even replayed their song so they could do it again!

Then the Bridesmaids walked down the aisle and graced the red carpet in individual styled burnt orange dresses, looking beautiful.

And at last Nick could turn around to see his stunning bride Kiarah stepping onto the red carpet and walking towards him with her mum holding her arm, definitely a proud Mumma moment!

Nick & Kiarah had the cutest nervous laughs and with a few calming deep breaths for everyone, we began. We re-lived their love story in the ceremony and I love how they met on the school bus;

“Many of Kiarah’s friends could see

the two of you together well before it actually happened.

But then some kind of magic happened

and you finally saw each other.”

“Nick is the kindest person I know. I always used to describe him as someone who was too nice until I realised there was no such thing.” Kiarah

“From all the night drives to all the Macca’s runs. From our first date to our wedding today. I don’t ever want it to end. I want that for the rest of my life. I love her with all my heart and I always will. I love her 3000.” Nick

The couple shared personal vows including these snippets;

“I promise to value our differences as much as I value our similarities” Kiarah

“Honestly that contagious smile…. I could look at it for hours on end…….

I vow to give you as many of my shirts and jumpers as you need.

I vow to not give you tap water.” Nick

The beauty of personal vows is exactly that, they are personal, and they don’t need to make sense to anyone else except the both of you, and Kiarah was thrilled with Nick’s vows especially about the tap water!

After a ceremony filled with love and laughter, the rings were exchanged and certificates signed. A big cheer from everyone and then it was time to celebrate Ganmain Style!!

I’d liken this to a pop up wedding, literally this wedding popped up in the middle of a paddock and after it was finished you would not have known it was there. Except for the fact that Nick & Kiarah have some amazing photographs by @azurephotography and great memories to remember their wedding day.

After meeting the beautiful families of Kiarah & Nick it was easy to understand why they changed their original plans to elope. The support this couple has from everyone including their great mates is incredible.

I know they had a fantastic day with a small and intimate wedding that suited them both.

Sharing a love of Cars and a little Retro thrown in, you can’t copy a wedding like this and that’s exactly what Kiarah & Nick wanted!

These Young Lovers have done it their way, and I couldn’t be happier for them both!!

Are you looking for a Celebrant to help you feel relaxed and have fun on your wedding day?

Perhaps you’re looking to get married or elope!! Reach out and let’s talk.


Michelle Boyd


Blog Photo Credits to Azure Photography



Celebrant: Love Michelle Boyd

Photographer: Azure Photography

Videographer: Tom Dennis Tom Dennis Productions

Flowers: Kiarah actually bought fake flowers and made the bouquets with the important women in her life - “which was a great afternoon, drinking tea and eating cake!”

Venue: Private Property

Natural Country Landscape: Mother Nature

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