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Sitting inside on a fresh winters day I am warm and comfortable by the fire in my home and I am grateful for what I do and where I live. We love where we live so much so that hubby and I got married in our backyard 5 years ago. It was there that I realised how much I love weddings and speaking! and that is where the seeds were sown and I am here now being a Celebrant!!

On my journey here, I met a beautiful human called Philippa who was also stepping into her calling as an Intuitive Healer @Philippa_Elizabeth82. We met at a few “Local Leading Ladies” Networking catch-ups and I watched Philippa follow her passion and step into her own business online and in the Tumbarumba region.

It's funny how connections happen and I didn’t know Philippa's relationship status….

So, when she reached out after getting engaged and enquired about my services, I was thrilled to celebrate and catch up with her and her partner Andrew. At our first meeting they shared how much they wanted to have their wedding at home, as the land holds such a strong connection to them both, and I knew we hit it off straight away.

To be fair Andrew is a country boy,

(I mean man) and may have been set in his ways with some of the wedding planning, funnily this couldn’t ring closer to home than my wedding.

I just kept seeing similarities and this got me caught up in all the excitement leading up to their special day.

They had chosen to have a rehearsal the day before the wedding as some of the bridal party was travelling in from interstate and this was a great way to bring everyone together and get in tune for the big day.

Then it was the 16th April 2022 and the weather turned on a glorious blue-sky day! I think Philippa may have had a good talk to the universe requesting this and as she is so in tune with everything, that she was gifted her dream day.

I’m not sure where to start or where to finish when it comes to the amount of care and meaning each element of the day had for these two but here is some I can remember.

Sadly, Andrew’s Mum Marjorie, passed away only a few months prior to their wedding day this was a really tough time for them and we acknowledged her in the ceremony as being a VERY special part of their lives.

They had a beautiful framed photo on the signing table with a candle and her spirit was felt all around us that day. This gives me a tear just writing and thinking about it now.

I just loved how meaningful everything was and even with sadness we were able to still feel love and happiness. Really when someone we love leaves us, isn’t that all they ever wanted for us!!

Then bursting in with smiles, love and happiness, walked little Eliza, all dressed up and leading the way for the bridal party.

You could feel the sense of friendship and honour each member of the bridal party had as they walked down the aisle, proud to have a part and share in the special day.

Continuing on with love and support, Philippa’s beautiful boys…

(I mean young men)

walked her down the aisle to meet her dad, who then walked Philippa the rest of the way.

He’s a funny fellow and almost stole the show!

Thankfully Andrew was standing waiting patiently for his bride and was keen to start the ceremony.

So here we were, in the backyard with the wedding scene set - a handmade arbor decorated with native leaves and bright pops of flowers in pots so the memories could continue on well after the day.

April gave us the stunning season of Autumn, and all the rusty brown and orange tones falling from the trees, it was then that the afternoon glow started to roll in creating a natural filter that made it all feel so dreamy.

And there appearing before Andrew was this soft and dreamy woman who was simply glowing.

Knowing Philippa, this was the quietest I’d seen her, so I’m guessing she was a little nervous but really, she was just absorbing the everything and living in the moment.

It’s funny how we can picture something so clearly in our mind and play it over and over, but reality will always blow that vision out of the park. For some, it is disappointing but for others they really want to pinch themselves that it is real and really happening.

I could sense Phillipa was pinching herself!!

Now the Bridesmaids were standing in Philippa’s favourite colour blue as well as her shoes that tucked under her long flowing wedding dress, only sneaking out with each step to reveal glimpses of the love she was holding sacredly just for Andrew.

The country lads had their boots shined and hats on and kept the shenanigans at bay till after the ceremony.

There was no whip cracking while I was there any way!

And after almost 10 years since they met……. the ceremony began.

The wedding bands were designed especially for these two, into the shape of a belt.

“This bond you have is like a belt and a buckle

You can’t have one without the other,

and they also allow each other to grow.”

The rings were passed around the immediate family by their daughter Eliza and filled with blessings of love & happiness for the couple.

This backyard was really transformed into a sacred space as the union of these two souls was sealed with a kiss and then when they were announced as Mr & Mrs Jenkins, family showered them in natures confetti - a la natural…. Autumn leaves!!

“As they leave today in Andrew’s words

“sealing the deal”

we can see the love they have

overflows to those around them.”

It was such a wonderful wedding to be a part of, as it brought back so many memories from our backyard wedding.

Backyard weddings can be still formal and have elements of traditions that mean something special to you just as Andrew & Philippa did, but the best part is the comfort you get from a familiar place.

Comfort helps to alleviate a lot of anxiety, and there are many ways to add comfort to your wedding day.

Are you looking for a Celebrant to help you feel comfortable on for your wedding day?

Perhaps you’re looking to get married or elope in your backyard too!!

Reach out and let’s talk.


Michelle Boyd


Blog Photo Credits to Aleesha from Alymae Photography & Design @alymaephotography


Celebrant: Love Michelle Boyd

Photographer: Alymae Photography & Design @alymaephotography

Flowers: Hayley McGrath - @brightflorist

Hair stylist: Donna Younity Hair Tumbarumba @younity

Makeup: Ebony @ebonymaymakeupartist

Venue: Private Property

Reception Venue: Courabyra Winery @courabyrawines

Heavenly Views: Mother Nature

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