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You know the saying "Chase the Rainbow!" well I suppose there's two ways of looking at that, "Figuratively" chasing a dream - continually searching and working towards an image in your mind of what your "Rainbow" looks like.

Then there's, "Literally" chasing a Rainbow - driving along the road, trying to get to the spot where the rainbow ends.

As we get older, we learn that its physically impossible to reach the base of the rainbow because of how light and science works - don’t ask me how I’m not a scientist! But don’t let science stop you trying!

This winter adventure begins with a dream of how Kim & Evan wanted to get married in the snow.

When Kim first contacted me on the phone, we instantly clicked because of our love for the mountains and "Long Plain in the Kosciuszko National Park, NSW.”

Kim has been holidaying and horse riding up there since she was a kid and dreamt of one day getting married in the snow.

I’m a big believer in chasing your dreams and I was on board straight away to help Kim & Evan achieve this.

So, the special date was set 12.06.21 and plans were made. As the date drew closer, snow was predicted and we were bouncing with joy!! With all the planning done, the only thing you can’t plan for is the weather and SNOW!! …. well, that’s a wish for some of us, especially Kim.

I think she may have wished too hard!! because then the weather changed and a "BLIZZARD" was predicted - that’s no joke.

Sadly, Kim’s photographer pulled out, so I rang an adventurous young man (Josiah Campbell) who’s a keen photographer and he was up for the challenge...

Kim was willing to give him a chance and hoped her dreams would come true.

Snow fell and so did rain and so I called in back-up and hubby drove the 4x4 Hilux. We picked up the photographer and set up the mountain. Kim, Evan and friends

were coming down from Jindabyne, so we tuned the CB radio in to keep in touch as mobile service isn’t great up there.

We pulled into Long Plain early and sadly the rain had washed a lot of the snow away. We checked the hut and there was only a little bit of snow was on the ground.

Plan B - we drove back out to the HWY and radioed the others, asking them to pull over at the Selwyn turn off. We told them the sad snow situation and I asked Kim did she trust me to take her somewhere else so she could get some snow - She said “YES!!” and we headed to 3-mile dam.

It was snowing and blowing and raining all at once. It was "fucking cold!"

But the photographer worked with Kim & Evan and captured them in the snow, not an easy feat for even an experienced photographer. Then with smiles beaming we headed back to "Long Plain Hut," freshened up, lit the fireplace, lit some candles and got some champagne ready.

Luckily, we had the cabin to ourselves and the intimate elopement melted us all, with some hilarious laughs thrown in for fun.

With Certificates signed, the champagne popped and the celebrations began.

With the bad weather some hikers rolled into the cabin – they had wide eyes not believing what they saw - I mean it’s not everyday someone gets married in an old hiker’s hut in the middle of a blizzard (almost a blizzard!)

That day Kim got her rainbow!

We headed off and did a little

4x4 exploring on our own before

heading home and would you believe.

We found a RAINBOW!

When you share your vision and dream with me "I’m totally on board" and will help you achieve your dream wedding day. I can't achieve miracles like "snow" but I try my hardest for you.

What’s your wedding dream?

Reach out and let’s talk about all your ideas.


Michelle Boyd


Recap Winter Adventure Elopement details:


  • Public location - take it as it comes (People may turn up at your ceremony)

  • Fun - no table just using each other’s backs to sign certificates

  • Champagne toast!!

  • Location change - no problem!

Wedding Suppliers:

Celebrant: Love Michelle Boyd

Photographer: Josiah Campbell

Snow and Rainbow courtesy of Mother Nature!

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