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Speaking Coaching


Overcoming your fear of Speaking one speech at a time!
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This is for people who want to deliver a speech with confidence.

You may have been dragged into this kicking and screaming, 

You may just be the only person who can say what needs to be said


You may just be keen to upskill your speaking style.


Whatever level you're at, I’m here to help you step out of your comfort zone and into the more confident speaker within you!   

If you're feeling overwhelmed or unsure about what to say and anxious about your delivery, wouldn’t it be great to know where to start with your speech writing and get some direction and reassurance with your speaking?

We all need some help with different things.

Rather than turning to Dr Google for help, 

why not receive the right peronalised support

 tailored to your needs, from an industry expert.

Here's how it works...

  1. First we get started with your goals and where you feel most uncertain

  2. If you have started a speech, together we will unpack it and tweak it to get it just right

  3. Next, we discuss the delivery and any other tools or support you need as you prepare, including overcoming mindset blocks

  4. And lastly, we check back in to monitor progress and refine as needed


Get help with...

  • compelling speech writing

  • structuring and refining

  • engaging speaking techniques

  • overcoming nerves

  • clarity and confidence


All while receiving honest and compassionate feedback to help you lift your game

Access speech templates, evaluation techniques, and Calming methods to help you deliver your kick-ass speech with newfound confidence.


This will help you Plan, Prepare & Perform the speech within you!


Make your voice heard and share your message from the heart.


Puts YOU first, so YOU can be all that YOU can be

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What's included?

A FREE 30 min 1:1 Discovery Call before you decide to opt-in

to make sure that I am the best person to coach you

while you develop your speaking potential.




2hr 1:1 Speaking coaching online session


  • PREVIEW - Review your current speech/presentation and offer feedback - on content and structure.

  • PRACTISE - Practice out loud your delivery and get pro tips to enhance your presentation.

  • PRESENT- Be ready to present your speech!

Let's work together to get you ready to deliver your speech or presentation.


  1. Review your Content Structure

  2. Tips Sheet

  3. LIVE analysis of your speaking - before and after session snapshot.

  4. Receive a video recording of our session

  5. Receive a Breathing Techniques audio



$197 (AUD) on booking

Finish the session with confidence, feeling ready
to stand up and be your best YOU!




6-week coaching bundle

Includes 3 x 2hr 1:1 Speaking coaching online sessions




Session 1

Discover what's holding you back, get clear about where you want to be and your message. Review your current speech/presentation and offer feedback - on content structure.


Session 2

Review your speech and presentation and fine-tune it to deliver your desired message and leave a lasting impression. Practice out loud your delivery and get pro tips to enhance your presentation.


Session 3
Learn techniques to overcome nerves and practice your speaking technique with coaching. Be READY to present your speech!

  1. Review your content and structure

  2. Assist with ideas for speech content

  3. Receive an easy reference tips sheet

  4. LIVE analysis of your speaking and your progress

  5. Receive a video recording of each of our sessions for review

  6. Receive a Breathing Techniques audio

  7. Support after the final session via Voxer voice messenger app Mon-Fri, for 2 weeks.




$397 (AUD) on booking 




2 x Installments of $200 ($400 in total AUD)

Finish the session with confidence, feeling ready
to stand up and be your best YOU!


 This is for you if… 

  • You are in business for yourself and need to network with other industry leaders or you need to pitch your product or service to clients or other businesses. 

  • You're a coach, trainer or consultant and want help creating a keynote

  • You are a newly appointed manager and need to address your team at meetings or conduct training. 

  • You are attending a wedding in the bridal party or immediate family and are expected to give a speech. 

  • You are attending a funeral and are reading a Eulogy or making a dedication.

  • You are going to a special birthday and would like to toast or say a few words to acknowledge the birthday person. 

  • You are receiving an award and need to thank people. 

  • You have been asked to appear on a podcast.

  • You struggle talking to people in public or in unfamiliar situations.

  • You want to improve your skills in speaking in public.

  • You want to get 1:1 support in the privacy of your own home.

  • You think you can do it, you just need some reassurance to take the next step. 

  • You are willing to be coachable and take on feedback in order to grow.

$197 AUD for 1 x 2 Hour Session


 $397 AUD for 3 x 2 Hour Sessions

Are you ready? 

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Michelle brings such warmth, fun and enthusiasm to all that she does, and has a natural gift of lighting a room when she speaks.  She brings the perfect blend of professionalism and realism and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to speak or MC at your next event.

Claire Markwick

The Inspirationalist

Inspirationalist (@clairemarkwick.reignite)

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