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Autumn is my favourite season but really the Snowy Mountains looks beautiful ALL year round. April is peak Autumn season and at Braymont Gardens they turn on a colourful autumn show. Located just out of Tumbarumba at Maragle just over 800m high above sea level, Braymont Gardens are open certain times of the year to the public and also by special bookings.

Natalie & Jamie chose this amazing place to have their wedding ceremony and the team at Braymont Gardens set the scene for a heavenly day. Although the beautiful autumn leaves were falling, rain was also a high possibility and the team reassured the couple they had them covered. Literally!! They covered the normally open-air chapel to protect the guests and help everyone have peace of mind that even if it did rain, we would all be ok.

Natalie admits to being calm throughout the whole wedding planning process, I even had Covid a week prior and she was still cool about it. What I loved about Natalie, is how she asked questions along the way, I’m here to help and I think that’s how she kept her cool.

But then I felt Natalie’s nervousness, when she texts me on the morning of her wedding at 2.36am and asked about her playlist for the ceremony. I didn’t see the message till the morning and got back to her straight away, (Spotify said it added songs to her playlist??) so a quick screen shot of what I could see and a song order check and all was good.

As your celebrant, I let all my couples know that they have access to me the week of their wedding and the wedding day (obviously) by phone or text. This way I offer my direct attention to you during peak times of possible stress. Sometimes there is a calm before the storm…. but with all major life events it’s only normal for some kind of drama or “shit to hit the fan” it’s just a cyclomatic explosion that happens when emotions are HIGH.

With plenty of experience I have seen this happen many times and that is why I am able to offer my calmness to help with any stress or HIGH emotions prior and during your wedding.

After a little wait…. Jamie was relieved to hear the rumble of the engine…. while Natalie enjoyed a very smooth ride to her wedding.

Then with the (correct) music playing, and fabulous flowers by Forage Merchant & Occasions.

Natalie entered the heavenly scene with her mum walking her down the aisle to meet her beautiful man.

I remember in the planning process there was a little hesitation to do personal vows, so I helped them both, by being a sounding board and working to fine tune their words to really get across the feelings they have for each other.

“I love you because you are simply YOU!

Today, you have made me the happiest man in the world.

You are the strength I didn’t know I needed

and the Joy that I didn’t know that I lacked.”


These guys shared their hearts and emotions did run HIGH!! Followed by the flutter of two doves, that were released after they were announced as Husband & Wife!!

The heavenly feeling that day was incredible and even if you aren’t getting married, I recommend a visit to Braymont Gardens so you can feel the highs too!!

Now Jamie and Natalie are Mr & Mrs Webb they are looking towards their next big adventure with their first bub due in the not-too-distant future!!

I enjoyed working with these guys right from the beginning and I think it’s when we let our guard down just a little bit with each other the friendship flows naturally and the whole process is relaxed and fun!

Oh, and ending your wedding with a Celebration song like: “My House” by Flo Rida is a great way to start the party with a bit of FUN!!

Are you looking for a relaxed & fun Celebrant for your wedding day?

Perhaps you’re looking for all the Wedding highs too!!


Michelle Boyd


Blog Photo Credits to Jas from Elk Avenue Creative


Celebrant: Love Michelle Boyd

Photographer: Jas from Elk Avenue Creative

Flowers: Forage & Merchant & Occasions

Wedding Car: Adams Chev Hire: 0421208079

Hair stylist: Ashleigh Weule from Younity Hair (Tumbarumba)

Makeup: Millie Rose Makeup Artistry & Beauty Bar (Wagga)

Catering: Braymont Gardens 0429191059

Venue: Braymont Gardens Map

Reception Venue: The Union Hotel (Tumbarumba)

Heavenly Views: Mother Nature

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